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Today, I signed up for a membership at what appears to be one of the most amazing sites on the Net. It's basically a vast consumer community service, which will soon be offering its members substantial discounts on consumer merchandise as well as other various community services (like forums, on-line shopping malls and a targeted internet consumer index). They seem to be pretty serious!

Besides, they're offering a referral program that gives out cash bonuses of up to $1000 which could also be applied to the purchase of the company's shares (if they complete an IPO).

They provide on-line stats, and I'd like you to help me run up my bonus. It's easy to sign up, but their offer is limited, so try and do it as soon as you can. Simply register at, (my referral number is 352756) and tell your friends as well!

Thanks, and good luck with the bonuses!

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